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Research project pages: 

Rethinking Learning Disability (Chris Philo): The site has been set up to support an ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council [UK]) Seminar Series with this title, organised by Dr. Murray Simpson and Dr. Ed Hall (University of Dundee) and Prof. Chris Philo (University of Glasgow).  The site contains information on the rationale of the overall seminar series, plus details of the three seminars (with summaries, commentaries and audio-visual records of each one).

Geographies of Missing People (Hester Parr and Olivia Stevenson): The ESRC-funded project 'Geographies of Missing People: experiences, processes, responses' connects academics from the universities of Glasgow and Dundee with police forces in Scotland and London and the Missing People charity to investigate the geographies of missing persons and the geographical knowledges of the people and agencies that search for them.

The Invisible College (Hayden Lorimer and Michael Gallagher): The Invisible College - Building Communities of Creative Practice. Exploring landscape and environmental change in a ruined Victorian estate and modernist building. With partners NVA (public artists) and the Royal Geographical Society. 

Young Digital (Michael Gallagher): An online resource for people using digital media in research with children and young people.

Seven Primary School Spaces (Michael Gallagher): A short experimental film documenting the aesthetics of a primary school (2008, with Ben Ewart-Dean).

Presentations, talks and interviews:

Hester Parr

Video extract of the Geographies of Missing People project team featured in 'The missing audio journey' Tramway Theatre Exhibition, funded by National Theatre Scotland.

Jo Sharp

An interview at the Institute of International Relations in Prague about participatory methods and research in Egypt (May 2013)

Glasgow School of Art Friday Event Lecture: Imagining the subject of geopolitics (Glasgow Film Theatre, 23/11/07).


Cheryl McGeachan on Transcultural Psychiatry.


Michael Gallagher 

Angela Last