Athena SWAN: Actions and Intentions

The School of Geographical & Earth Sciences  (GES)  seeks to create an environment in which everyone can thrive at all study, career and life stages.

A key element of this has been  recognised  in the School's Athena SWAN Silver Award. Historically, Athena SWAN sought to address the under-representation of women in academic science.

The School is proud to hold Silver status on the expanded Athena SWAN Charter that includes tackling broad gender inequalities and  emphasises  support for, and inclusion of,  Trans  staff and student colleagues.

The Athena SWAN 2017-21 action plan puts in place interventions designed to improve gender equality in the school. The GES Self-Assessment Team lead this work through 5 sub-groups:


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Details coming soon.


Katja Hržić, Megan Kane, Ellen MacDonald [Chair], Pierre-Etienne Martin, Aine O’Brien, Charlie Rex, Charlotte Slaymark

The PG group represents the interests and concerns of postgraduates in the Equality and diversity committee. The actions of the PG group are to highlight inequalities affecting postgraduate students, integrate PGRs into the research community in GES and support their future career development. As a group we facilitate peer support in GES through PGR events and mentoring schemes. We also address emergent issues from the PG Research Experience Survey (PRES) to improve wellbeing, development and equality four our students.

Silver action plan responsibilities:

  • Repeat Staff (Academic and Professional and Support) and Research Student culture surveys, amending them to reflect and help assess SAP actions.
  • Host SWAN@GES PGR-UG coffee events each Autumn and Spring to share ‘Postgraduate stories of experience’ and provide peer-support opportunities for UGs as well as positive role models to encourage their aspirations towards remaining in academia.
  • Better promote and increase participation of PDRA and PGR in SWAN@GES ‘career stories’ events so ECRs can learn from diverse career experience.
  • We will continue to promote a voluntary informal mentoring scheme between PDRA and PGR in order to increase collective capacity for peer support.
  • We continue to include PGR on SWAN@GES and allocate ‘training credits’ to reflect their leadership roles in shaping School engagement with PGs.


Details coming soon.


Details coming soon.