Oliver Larkin

After graduating from the School...

I started as a Graduate Engineering Geologist in 2015 which involved trial pitting and site supervision. During this period I became aware of a type of data format called AGS which is used in the industry to transfer standardised information about sites (logs, test results, water levels etc.). I had always had an affinity for computed-related endeavours so I began to teach myself how to produce this data and research its application in the geotechnical investigation industry.

Eventually I became the sole producer of AGS data within the company and became the Data Manager for Raeburn drilling in December 2018. My duties expanded from AGS production to supervision of ground water telemetry data (for sites spanning the whole of Scotland on multimillion pound infrastructure projects) and general data flow and organisational processes.

What did you value about the degree?

My degree has allowed me to understand what is happening below ground with regards to water and has allowed me to focus in on anomalous data when checking the surrounding geology. A general geological back ground has been very useful and has given me insight into what the data is telling me about the hydrological processes beneath our feet

The geophysics modelling taught in the degree has really helped me get to grips with statistical analysis on data sets, and is something I use regularly when anomalous data crops up.

Do you have any advice for prospective students?

Industry is evolving and as such computer literacy is an absolute must. As data is taking such a large role in industry now more opportunities are being made available and the geological knowledge you have earned from your studies coupled with a proficiency in computing applications will make you an attractive candidate to any potential employer. Value yourself.