Elisha Drumm

After graduating from the School...

After finishing my degree I knew that I was interested in the energy industry, but before committing to an MSc I was keen to get some work experience in the sector to decide if I would pursue a career in it. I worked for two years as a Laboratory Geologist/SEM (high powered microscope) Analyst at Scaled Solutions Ltd, working on core flood testing and specialised SEM analysis for the oil and gas sector. I enjoyed the work so decided to do an MSc.

After graduating, I returned to Scaled Solutions as a Project Leader for two years. For the past year, I have been working as a Sedimentologist-Mineralogist with CGG Robertson in North Wales, working on a range of subsurface projects in oil and gas, renewable energy and environmental remediation. The variety and range of opportunities that a geoscience career offers is what makes the job so exciting.

What did you value about the degree?

My degree has been a great springboard for my career and crucial for the jobs I have had. My first job out of university was lab based and the skills I gained in microscopy and numerical analysis were essential. Six years down the line, I’m still surprised by how often I use knowledge and skills from the BSc, even from as far back as first year mineralogy.

In the energy industry, you often collaborate with other specialist geoscience disciplines, so the broad understanding gained from the BSc has been useful for integrated working. As well as technical skills, the BSc also helps build on transferable skills such as team work, presentation and reporting skills, which have been really important on the job.

Do you have any advice for prospective students?

Don't worry too much about choosing your career route early on. If you are passionate about a particular topic, see what opportunities you can get to explore it further, such as work experience or voluntary internships. That can really help your CV.

Picking up extra skills like data analytics, coding or languages could also be beneficial as these can be very useful in the geoscience industry.

During the BSc, you have the opportunity to make good contacts and friends which you can keep in touch with throughout your career.

Make the most of activities outside of the course too - the university has a really good range of clubs that you can try out and enjoy all that Glasgow has to offer; it is a great city and the great outdoors and highlands are so nearby!