Optoelectronics collaboration transforms company to a global supplier/leader in semiconductor laser products

Fibre-based communication is pivotal to global communication and connectivity and requires high- quality lasers to drive the increasing demand. Collaboration between Prof Kelly and Sivers Photonics (formerly Compound Semiconductor Technologies (CST) Global) transformed their business model to allow them to become a world-leading semiconductor laser supplier. The partnership began by focusing on delivery of a high-performance, low-cost laser device for next generation optical access networks, followed by additional novel products for rapidly expanding home and datacenter markets, growing to become Europe’s leading laser supplier, with an 88% turnover increase between 2016-2017.  Work broadened to include other products and CSTG was able to enter the Asian market for the first time. The partnership is marked by the seamless flow of graduates, knowledge and expertise between the company and the University for over a decade. CSTG’s strong performance and clear potential for additional growth led to its 2017 acquisition by Sivers IMA. Sivers Photonics has become Europe’s highest volume laser supplier, shipping GBP1 million laser chips/month. It has brought internet access to households around the globe with fibre-to-the-home (FTH) connectivity, currently employs 70 chip fabrication staff at a facility near Glasgow supporting supply chain companies across the UK.