Meet your teacher - Professor Qammer Abbasi

Published: 15 April 2024

Fresh from serving as Local Chair for the European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP) 2024, we ask Professor Abbasi all about his research, why he loves teaching, and what inspired him to become an engineer.

As the Glasgow College team continues to grow, we are happy to provide staff both 'old' and 'new' with a chance to introduce themselves to readers. This issue, we turn the spotlight on Professor Qammer Abbasi, who joined our partnership back in 2017 as a Lecturer in Autonomous Systems & Connectivity, and who has earned a strong reputation as a leader in his research field.

Professor Qammer Abbasi stands with arms crossed in a shiny blue suit

Which subjects do you teach?

Circuit Design and Analysis and High Frequency Communication Systems.

Which fields of research are you most interested in and why?

Contactless healthcare, 6G and 5G use-cases, intelligent reflective surfaces, wearables and implants, terahertz sensing and antennas.

Can you tell us about the EuCAP conference which you recently helped organise here in Glasgow (alongside Prof. Muhammad Imran, Prof. Chong Li, and Dr Masood Uhr Rehman)?

Yes! The event was a huge success, providing delegates with a chance to discover world-leading research on the topics of antennas, propogation, sensors, and their applications in all domains of life, up close. For students here at Glasgow, and those visiting us from many other countries, it was a great opportunity for networking. They got to meet leading thinkers in these fields of research.

What is the most memorable project you have been involved in at Glasgow College UESTC or elsewhere and why?

Developing non invasive glucose monitoring systems for diabetic people, which is an on-going project of mine.

Can you tell us about a proud moment working at Glasgow College, UESTC?

When Glasgow College, UESTC won the "Educational Partnership of the Year" award at the 'China-Scotland UK Business Awards' in 2021.

What or who inspired you to study engineering?

My elder brother inspired me to study engineering.

What do you most enjoy about teaching?

Engaging with students.

What impresses you most about the students of Glasgow College, UESTC?

They are very intelligent and humble in addition to being respectful. It is always a pleasure to teach them.

Tell us about your hobbies and interests outside of work:

Cricket, swimming, and travel.

First published: 15 April 2024