Yao Sun and PhD Student Team Win Best Paper Award

Published: 22 December 2022

Dr Yao Sun and PhD students gain recognition for exciting research paper

Two of our brightest PhD students were excited to learn that their research paper - 'Background Knowledge Aware Semantic Coding Model Selection' - won a 'Best Paper Award' (coming 3rd out of 300+ submissions) at the 22nd IEEE ICCT Conference in Nanjing last month, organised by IEEE Jiangsu Information Technology Application Society, and co-organised by UESTC, Science and Technology on Communication Networks Laboratory.
In a piece co-authored with two of their supervisors - Dr Yao Sun and Professor Imran - the young researchers describe how their work exploits graph theory and deep learning to formulate and solve a fundamental issue of coding model selection in semantic communication systems to enhance information recovery accuracy, providing a foundation for both modelling and solutions for future relevant works.
Prize certificate for Yao Sun, Muhammad Imran and PhD students

A great number of high-quality submissions were recieved from both academia and industry. It aims to promote "international academic exchange and international cooperation", providing "an opportunity for researchers around the world to exchange ideas and latest research results, in both theory and application of communication technologies."

Dr Yao Sun stated with pride:

"We are all excited to win the Best Paper Award at this competitive, important conference. This encourages us to continue conducting high-quality research work in this area and promote the development of future network intelligence."

PhD Student Profiles

Fangzhou Zhao, the leader of this research work, is a second-year PhD student supervised by Dr Yao Sun, and he is currently working on semantic communication systems.
Runze Cheng is a third-year Ph.D. student in the Autonomous Systems and Connectivity Division, supervised by Dr Yao Sun. He has published several Q1 journals and high-quality international conference papers. His research interests include intelligent wireless networking, blockchain systems, and semantic communications.
It is certainly inspiring to watch their research careers develop and flourish on our Glasgow campus, as they work to complete Doctorates in Electronics & Electrical Engineering. More information on these programmes is available here.

First published: 22 December 2022