Engineering Technical Services

Our Vision

Our vision reflects our continuous commitment to add value to the James Watt School of Engineering, the College of Science and Engineering and the University of Glasgow in everything we do: Being World Changers by providing a Leading Technical Service.

Our Values

Our values are aligned with those of the University of Glasgow:

Table of contents for technical services 2023

Our Strategic Objectives

  1. Recognised excellence - we will set our customers’ needs at the core of our processes and seek continuous service improvement
  2. Our academic colleagues and students get a leading service - we will support the operation and growth of the James Watt School of Engineering to best respond to its technical services requirements
  3. Everyone gets home as healthy as they came in for work - we will facilitate a safe working environment for all our staff and students
  4. Through active staff and customer engagement, supported by the Technician Commitment framework, we will establish a cohesive Technical Services team behind our vision and values
  5. We will build a diverse team, which operates with clear principles and high standards of integrity and trust