Mr Samuel Bennett

  • Associate Tutor (School of Education)


Samuel Bennett has an extended history of working in psychological research working as a cognitive specialist, associate tutor, and Lecturer in Psychology. He has worked across multiple fields and focuses on multi-disciplinary research using cognitive, biological, social, economic, and computing frameworks to help support his interests. This has also given him specialised knowledge with lab-based, field-based, and online platformed research frameworks allowing for an applied teaching style by delving on past experience using neuroimaging [EEG, NIRS], eye tracking, neurostimulation [tDCS, TMS], and perception [VR, AR] equipment.

Research interests

Key Areas of Research Include: Hormonal and behavioural analysis for animal welfare, AI in healthcare, robotics for human-robot interactions in healthcare, active learning models in education, prosocial and 'antisocial' behaviour determinants, and behavioural influences on neurodevelopment, neurodegeneration, and perception [alcohol and drug taking].

Methods: Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed Methods, Lab-Based


F. P. Fensome, S. & Forrest, C. Bringing Natural Settings into the Natural Sciences: Development of Immersive Techniques in Teaching. University of Stirling Vice Chancellor Fund, £1,029 Matched Funding


Future Projects

If you would like to discuss research ideas please do get in contact.

Past Projects

I cover quantitative, qualitative, and review style techniques across psychology and health sciences.

Example Project Supervision


  • A Qualitative Investigation into Lived Experiences of Caregivers Supporting Children and Adolescents Prenatally Exposed to Alcohol [in collaboration with FASD Hub]
  • Comparison of Peoples Perception of AI Diagnosis and Medical Professionals
  • An Investigation into Pain Management From a Cultural Perspective


  • How we Understand robot actions: Examining the Effects of Motion and Form [online eye tracking study]
  • Intergenerational Differences and Inheritance of Marriage between born "around-1975" and "after-1975" groups based in China.
  • An Investigation into Pain Management From a Cultural Perspective [presented at ACP2023]


  • Review of the use of Puppetry to promote Pro-Social Behaviours and Reduce anti-social behaviours.
  • Investigating the Influence of Inaccurate Media Portrayals on an Individuals ability to Accurately Identify Psychopathy.
  • Alcohol and Pregnancy: A Cultural Perspective [presented at EHPS2022]


School of Education

MSc Psychology Conversion Course

  • Dissertation Module
  • Human Development
  • Cognition

Additional information

I am a part time member at the University of Glasgow which means it may take longer for me to get back to you than normal.