Dr Ievgeniia Dragomirova

  • Research Fellow in Adult Education (School of Education)


Work experience


11/01/2021 - till now

Specialist in International department of Donetsk State University of Internal Affairs (part time work on a distance)


Associated Professor at Donetsk State University of Management (Mariupol, Ukraine)



Head of the Center “Third Age University” (2016-2021)

Donetsk State University of Management (Mariupol, Ukraine)

Education and Degree  
25/01/2013 Associated Professor (Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine)
06/10/2010 PhD in Economics (Donetsk State University of Management)

Research interests

The research interests cover a range of areas in the fields of international relations, education and
management, with a focus principally on leadership and crisis management, and learning in the third age. This is reflected in the roles as Head of University of the 3rd Age Education at Donetsk State University of Management in Mariupol and as Head of the NGO, the Ukrainian Institute of Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution. Would like to combine these two elements of her interests by exploring the processes of integration of newly arrived older migrants in crisis (particularly those not exclusively from Ukraine) into British society through their exposure to later life learning opportunities. It is well-known that both formal and non-formal lifelong learning has an important role beyond simply the economic, through social dimensions that allow older adults to engage more effectively in all aspects of civil society. Less is known specifically
about how older migrants, especially those arriving from areas of crisis utilise learning opportunities. Glasgow as a city that particularly welcomes migrants is an ideal setting for such a study, and her plan would be to explore, through using qualitative approaches, the overt and latent demands of newly arrived older refugees for learning provision, matching this with the offer being made by universities, colleges, community education and other providers of adult education in the city with the objective of proposing the development of enhanced provision. This would involve structured interviews and focus groups with refugees, and interviews with key stakeholders in formal and non-formal education.


British Academy for Researchers at Risk 2022-2024


Project Manager of Erasmus+ project KA2 Capacity building in High Education "Universities – Communities: strengthening cooperation" https://unicom.community/en/our-team-2/ 2022-2027

1. EUAID project “Education Open Space for Students and Community” (2020-2023) – member of the project team https://eduspace.dsum.edu.ua/


2. Erasmus+ KA2 project "Implementation of Education Quality Assurance System via Cooperation of University- Business-Government in HEIs" 586109-EPP-1-2017-1-RO-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP (2017-2020) – member of the project team

3.Тempus project "Education for Leadership, Intelligence and Talent Encouragement" 544343-TEMPUS-1-2013-LT_TEMPUS-SMHES (2013-2017) – member of the project group https://www.elite-project.eu/

4. EUAID project “Reinventing displaced universities: enhancing competitiveness, serving communities” 2020-2023 – member of the project group

5. “Ukraine Higher Education Leadership Development Programme” (2018-2019) – member of the project team

6. Tempus project "Centres for Third Age Education" 544517-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-IT-TEMPUS-JPHES (2013-2017) – member of the project group

http://3au.dsum.edu.ua/ and the Head of the Centre of the Third Education

7. Project Manager of Erasmus+ project KA2 Capacity building in High Education "Universities – Communities: strengthening cooperation" https://unicom.community/en/our-team-2/ 2022-2027


2006-2021 have a teaching excperience at Donetsk State University of Management