Mr David Watt

  • Associate Tutor (School of Education)


I live in the south side of Glasgow.  In my career I worked in several jobs in Scottish education and internationally.  Previous to starting as Assistant Tutor at the University I worked with the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education reviewing achievement for all in Poland, Italy and Scotland. In Scotland, I worked as a consultant for Scottish Government and drafted the new code of practice for additional support, including an extension to children's rights in education as well as offering a contribution to an online course on inclusive education.  

Before then, I was Senior Education Officer for Inclusion and Equalities in Education Scotland.  Senior Education Officers were posts that aimed to support improvement within Scottish education.  

For several years, I was Scotland's Representative Board member for the European Agency.  Previously as a school inspector, I was Lead Inspector for additional support for learning and special schools and units. Within the Scottish Government’s inspectorate, I was a member of Inspectorate task teams providing guidance on behaviour in schools, leadership and implementation of the legislation on additional support for learning. 

I enjoy football in all its forms, reading and, normally, travelling and going to the theatre and the cinema.  


Upcoming contribution "Out of crisis the new future: Concluding thoughts on inclusive and equitable education for all with a view from Scotland" concluding chapter in Education in an Altered World (2022) Eds. M Proyer, W Veck, F Dovigo and E Seitinger (Bloomsbury)

"European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education, 2019. Raising the Achievement of All Learners in Inclusive Education: Follow-up Study. (D. Watt, V. J. Donnelly and A. Kefallinou, eds.). Odense, Denmark

Autism and Scottish education: information from data
, 2013,
L Meikle, D. Watt Good Autism Practice (GAP), Volume 14, Supplement 1, October 2013, pp. 105-109(5)


I have enjoyed teaching (and learning) as tutoring, lecturing and course leader across several courses in recent years

Tutor Dissertation MEd MSc Educational Studies

Education and Society 3  

Educational Leadership and Management at System Level

Modern Educational Thought

Tutor Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy:- Understanding Learners part of the online MSc Education

Course Leader: Equity Diversity and Inclusion in Education  

Course Leader: Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy: International Perspectives part of the online MSc Education

Tutor Dissertation MSc online  

Additional information

Professional Activities 

Engaging with A24 Scotland, May 2022. I spoke with a new group of parents who are seeking the full implementation of UNCRPD Article 24 on inclusive education in Scotland.

Recent Conference session: “Fantastic Pictures of a Future Society" presentation at Anniversary Conference, New Lanark A Living Legacy from Robert Owen to World Heritage and Beyond, March 2022

Recent virtual seminar: "A measure of social justice? The development of the curriculum and certification of young people with learning disabilities in Scotland. "Opening presentation at International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities Special Interest Research Group October 8th, 2021