PASCAL Briefing Papers Published in English and Mandarin

Published: 23 January 2024

'Learning and City Futures' has been published by the City of Taipei government

We are very pleased to announce the publication of a collection of briefing papers, Learning and City Futures, from the PASCAL Observatory in English and Mandarin, which has been published by the City of Taipei government.

The collection was originally edited by Professor Michael Osborne, John Tibbitt, Senior Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Education and Peter Kearns, long-time Associate of PASCAL. It was subsequently edited by a team in Taipei, particularly in relation to the Mandarin version. The local team was Chief Editor, Ya-Jiuan Ho and Deputy Chief Editor, Eugenia Chang, with an editorial team of Marten Ma, Ming-Hua Chang, Ching-Ti Kao, Penny Xie, Yo Xuan Yang, Ro-Yi Lee, Ju-Shan Shen and Yu-Zhen Shen.

The book contains contributions from a number of other staff within the School of Education: Professor Josef Konvitz, Professor Catherine Lido, Dr Rob Mark, Professor Marta Moskal, Dr Kate Reid and Professor Bruce Wilson.

We are pleased also that the book contains introductions from the former and current Mayor of Taipei to whom we offer our thanks in supporting this work.

The book which is open access many be cited as:

Osborne, M., Tibbitt, J. and Kearns, P. (2023) (Eds.) Learning and City Futures – Addressing the Policy Challenges. Selected Writings from PASCAL International Observatory. Taipei: Taipei City Government ISBN 978 626 7381 47 2 

The Mandarin version has ISBN 978 626 7144 98-5

The book will be formally launched at the next PASCAL conference in Taipei from 4-6 July 2024, New Challenges for Higher Education, Cities and Regions: Addressing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in Changing Contexts for which invitations to propose papers and register are open.

First published: 23 January 2024

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