Strictly Come Dentists

Issued: Tue, 10 Jun 2014 14:46:00 BST

The 21st February 2014 saw the first ever edition of “Strictly Come Dentists”. Hosted in the Gartnethill Multicultural Centre, the night was to be a sure success. Comperes for the evening were Professor Richard Welbury, also known as “Brush Forsyth” and GDSS Vice-President Monica McLuskey alias “Floss Daly”. Four staff judges were employed to scrutinise the dancers every moves, a similar yet different experience to inspecting dental student’s cavity preparations. Professor Gibson, David Watson, Alison Cairns and Jenny Young had the pleasure of rating each dance and there was a large variety of different scoring between the judges – once again, comparable to a ReCaf situation.

The real stars of our show were the dancers. Eight brave dental students trained up staff members in order to dance the night away. The show saw jives, charlestons, a cha cha cha, a show dance and even an American smooth. Lezley-Ann Walker and Callum Ward’s Argentinian Tango had the audition on their feet and the judges wiping the sweat from their brows. The dancing was fantastic and the dancers were rightly congratulated for their tremendous effort, style and technique. However, one pair had to be crowned winners of the first “Strictly Come Dentists”, and the judges awarded Lezley-Ann and Callum with the coveted trophy. The evening was a fantastic success, and many staff and students members have remarked how they would like a bigger and even better contest next year…