Medical Humanities Research Review 2010-11

The Centre was inaugurated in 2011 under the co-direction of Gavin Miller and David Shuttleton.  It already has a successful track record for funding bids within the medical humanities, including: AHRC Research Grant, “The Consultation Letters of Dr William Cullen (1710-1790) at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh” (£562K). (David Shuttleton); RSE Research Network Award, “Medical Humanities Research Network Scotland” £9.6K (David Shuttleton, Gavin Miller); Wellcome Trust Research Fellowship £125K (Megan Coyer): “The Medical Blackwoodians: Literature and Science in Romantic Scotland”; AHRC Exploratory Award under the Science in Culture Theme, “Debating the first principles of Transcultural Psychiatry” (£8.5K (Gavin Miller). MHRC is currently sponsoring further applications to Wellcome Trust Research Fellowship and Doctoral Studentship schemes, and has under consideration a BA Postdoctoral Fellowship application. It is also exploring links with the Centre for Culture and Health, University of Gothenberg. The CCH Director, Prof Ola Sigurdson, will be visiting Glasgow University in spring.  Various collaborative research endeavours have taken place, including the Medical Humanities Reading Group (Christine Ferguson), and a joint workshop with the Institute of Health and Wellbeing. The Centre is currently taking views on possible topics for strategic focus. Cross-school links are also strengthened by the involvement of Rhona Brown has also contributed to the RSE network with a paper on ‘Presentations and Representations of Health and Illness’ and Julie Clague’s work on HIV and the churches.