2018 Schedule:

22nd May - Visiting Speaker Prof. Evan Gottlieb of Oregon State University – 'Scott's Plots and Meillassoux's Contingencies: Unbinding the Waverley Novels from Historical Necessity'.

2016 Schedule:

4th November - SRRG sponsored Seminar Event, '1707: The National Press, Civil Society, Constitutional Identity in Scotland' at the University of Glasgow, funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh, hosted by the Centre for Cultural Policy Research.

2015 Schedule:

27th February - Prof. Nigel Leask of the University of Glasgow - 'Thomas Pennant's Scottish Tours: Travel, Knowledge Networks and National Description'.

13th March - Visiting Speaker Dr. David Stewart of Northumbria University - '"I do - not - ken": Experiments in Romantic Short Fiction with James Hogg and Allan Cunningham'.

8th May - Visiting Speaker Dr. Meiko O'Halloran of Newcastle University - 'James Hogg’s The Poetic Mirror, Canon-Making and Commerce'.

31st October - 'Cultures of Improvement in Scottish Romanticism, 1707-1840', SRRG Symposium.

2014 Schedule:

7th March – Visiting Speaker Dr. Alexander Dick of the University of British Columbia – 'Improvement, Religion, and Scottish Rural Readers, 1720-1830'.

28th March – Visiting Speaker Dr. Mark Towsey of the University of Liverpool – 'Community Libraries?: Sociability and Print in the Atlantic World'.

2013 Schedule:

8th January – Visiting Speaker Dr. Andrew Warren of Harvard University – 'Romantic Entanglements: Sterne, Hume, Blair, Shelley'.

8th March – Visiting Speaker Dr. Dale Townshend of Stirling University – 'Ruins, Romance and the Rise of Gothic Tourism: The Case of Netley Abbey, 1750-1830'.

22nd November – Visiting Speaker Prof. John Mee of the University of York – '"Toasts and Sentiments, adapted to the Times'':
Robert Thomson, Songs, and Radical Sociability'.

2012 Schedule:

10th February – Visiting Speaker Dr. Tim Milnes of the University of Edinburgh – 'A Question of Trust: Reid, Stewart and the Social Intellect'.

2nd March – Visiting Speaker Prof. Frederick Burwick of UCLA – 'John Galt: playwright: The Witness and The Masquerade'.

23rd March – Visiting Speaker Prof. William Christie of the University of Sydney – 'The Edinburgh Reviews the Orient: China and the Limits of Whig Liberalism'.

11th May – Visiting Speaker Dr. Mary-Ann Constantine of the University of Wales – 'The Welsh in Revolutionary Paris (1789-1798)'.

2nd November - Visiting Speaker Dr. Sigrid Rieuwerts of the University of Edinburgh - 'Scott - the Poet and Antiquarian'.

Past Events:

29th-30th October 2010 – SRRG Sponsored the School of Critical Studies interdisciplinary symposium at the University of Glasgow, Before Blackwood's: Scottish Journalism in the Age of the Enlightenment. 

26th July 2011 – BARS Conference 'Enlightenment, Romanticism & Nation' – Prof. Ian Duncan, Florence Green Bixby Chair in English at the Univeristy of California, Berkeley, hosts inaugural SRRG seminar.

18th November 2011 – Visiting Speaker Dr. Tom Furniss, Senior Lecturer in English at University of Strathclyde – 'James Hutton's Geological Tours of Scotland: Romanticism, Literary Strategies, and the Scientific Quest'.

9th December 2011 – Visiting Speaker Dr. Penny Fielding, Senior Lecturer in English Literature at University of Edinburgh – 'Scott, Law and the 1790s'.


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