About Us

The Scottish Romanticism Research Group (SRRG) at the University of Glasgow is an interdisciplinary College of Arts & Humanities research cluster open to scholars investigating the origins, development, and articulation of Scottish Romanticism over the long eighteenth century, including its engagement with the intellectual themes and cultural practices of the Scottish Enlightenment.  As part of this agenda, the SRRG seeks to provide a collective outlet for its members to engage with the work of both their University colleagues in the field of Romantic studies as well as new international developments in their field.

The SRRG sponsored the School of Critical Studies interdisciplinary symposium Before Blackwood's: Scottish Journalism in the Age of the Enlightenment and hosted a special workshop conducted by Professor Ian Duncan, supplementing activities for the British Association for Romantic Studies (BARS) 2011 International Conference, Enlightenment, Romanticism & Nation.  As part of its role as a principal Scottish hub for international research in Romantic studies more generally, the SRRG offers a key focal point for the School’s involvement with the BARS Scotland initiative—an effort to consolidate research dissemination within Scotland in Romantic studies.

Partly inspired by the model of institutional scholarly exchange at Harvard University’s Colloquium in the Long Eighteenth Century and Romanticism, the SRRG has, as its primary aims, the following:

- to offer a stimulating and supportive environment for the presentation and discussion of work-in-progress by SRRG members, including innovative postgraduate research currently being undertaken in the School on Scottish Romanticism;

- to offer a venue for SRRG members to exchange ideas on recent criticism and historiography on Scottish Romanticism and the Scottish Enlightenment, as well as to discuss important primary literary and historiographical texts from the Scottish long eighteenth century;

- to give SRRG members an opportunity to engage with leading scholars in the field by hosting workshops and seminars featuring the current cutting-edge research on Scottish Romanticism.