Burnsiana: Private and Domestic Burns-Related Objects, 1796-1909

The Celebrated Tam o Shanter Razor Hone in Mauchline Ware case. This section of the website provides a web-based classification of the different kinds of Burns-related material culture available commercially or for domestic use during the period 1796-1909. Different types of Burns-related objects are presented along with background information about manufacturers and date of manufacture (where available). Individual objects' intended use, and their significance within the nineteenth-century economy of literary tourism and memorabilia, will also be addressed.

Deeply carved Mauchline Ware snuffbox with scene from Tam o Shanter. Image courtesy of Burns House Museum, Mauchline.This information is accompanied by representative images of the different types of commercial and private/domestic Burns-related material culture.

The project team invite you to get in touch with any interesting images or details of privately owned Burns memorabilia.

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Images by Robert Burns Beyond Text, courtesy of Glasgow Museums Resource Centre and Burns House Museum (respectively).