Graduate Studies in the Centre for Robert Burns Studies

Current Research Projects

  • Kevin Gallagher, 'Death, Afterlives and the American Civil War: The Cultural Reception of Robert Burns, 1796-1865' (PhD dissertation; Kevin is recipient of a three-year College of Arts Excellence Postgraduate Scholarship award, and was the Shaw Scholar for 2016/17 for his MPhil research); co-supervised by Dr Rhona Brown and Dr Pauline Mackay.
  • Moira Hansen, "Melancholy and low spirits are half my disease": Physical and Mental Health in the Life and Works of Robert Burns" (PhD dissertation; Moira is recipient of a four-year Lord Kelvin Adam Smith award from the University of Glasgow); co-supervised by Professor Gerard Carruthers and Professor Daniel Smith (Psychiatry)
  • Joanne Ferguson, 'A comparison of James Hogg and Robert Burns through the lens of "natural genius"'; co-supervised by Professor Kirsteen McCue and Dr Rhona Brown.
  • Suping Li, 'Robert Burns's Shaping of Cultural Identity in his Country Poems' (PhD dissertation); co-supervised by Professor Murray Pittock and Dr Pauline Mackay.
  • Carlos Llaza, 'The sound of a rhinoceros: on translating Burns into Spanish'; co-supervised by Professor Gerard Carruthers and Professor Nigel Leask.
  • John MacKenzie, 'The Influence of Robert Burns on John Steinbeck' (MPhil dissertation; John is recipient of the Shaw Scholarship 2018/2020); co-supervised by Professor Kirsteen McCue and Dr Ronnie Young.
  • Laurence Maxwell Stuart, 'Scottish Romanticism and the Sublime'; co-supervised by Professor Gerard Carruthers and Dr Ronnie Young. 


Completed Research Projects

'Editing Robert Burns for the 21st Century' project graduate students:

  • Jonathan Henderson, "Robert Burns's Engagement with the Language of Sentiment in 18th Century Writings" (PhD awarded 2016).
  • Arun Sood, "Robert Burns and the United States of America, c. 1786-1866" (PhD awarded 2016).
  • Clark McGinn, "'Every honour except canonisation': the global development of the Burns Supper, 1801 to 2009" (PhD awarded 2013).
  • Pauline Mackay, "Bawdry and the Body in the Work of Robert Burns: the Poet's Unofficial Self" (PhD awarded 2010).