Ramsay Country

In the 2017 Allan Ramsay Festival, the focus was on ‘Ramsay Country’, a term used to consider Ramsay’s influence not only in Edinburgh, but as far as the Pentlands where many of his famous works are set. Indeed, the annual festival taking place at the Allan Ramsay Hotel in Carlops has become crucial to promoting Ramsay Country since the inception of the festival in 2016. In truth, the presence of Ramsay and his works has been felt in the area for centuries, which is why the team are committed to working with Knowledge Exchange partners, as well as Tourism and Business Development boards in securing ‘Ramsay Country’ for generations to come. This page will be populated with news on the area including new initiatives and events, including, of course, the Allan Ramsay Festival.  

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Image: Peggy's Pool by Dean R. Woodhouse ©