The SWAP team

Project Team

University of Glasgow

  • Professor Carole Hough, College of Arts & Humanities, Project Director
  • Jean Anderson, College of Arts & Humanities, Project Manager
  • Dr John Watt, National e-Science Centre, e-Science Project Manager
  • Muhammad S. Sarwar, National e-Science Centre, Research Associate
  • Dorian Grieve, College of Arts & Humanities, Research Assistant
  • Ellen Bramwell, College of Arts & Humanities, Research Assistant

Scottish Language Dictionaries

  • Dr Chris Robinson, Director 
  • Pauline Cairns Speitel, Senior Editor
  • Eileen Finlayson, Editor
  • Dr Alison Grant, Editor
  • Elaine Webster, Outreach and Education Officer

Scottish Place-Name Society

  • Dr Simon Taylor, Convenor
  • Dr Alison Grant, Secretary

Advisory Board

  • Emeritus Professor Christian Kay, School of Critical Studies, Director of Historical Thesaurus of English, Convener of Board of Scottish Language Dictionaries, University of Glasgow
  • Professor Andrew Prescott, Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute, Director of Research, University of Glasgow
  • Rod Purcell, Adult and Continuing Education, Director of Community Engagement and Board member of the International Association for Community Development, University of Glasgow
  • Professor Richard Sinnott, University of Melbourne, Director of eResearch, Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering. Technical Director of the UK National e-Science Centre