Jean Anderson - Publications

Jean Anderson - Publications

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STELLA Software Publications (University of Glasgow)

A Guide to Scottish Literature 1375-1996, 1998, with Dept of Scottish Literature, GU.

ARIES - Exercises in Punctuation, Spelling and Grammar, 1996
English Grammar: An Introduction, 2nd edition 1994
English Grammar Drills, 1989
The Basics of English Metre, 1988
with Prof CJ Kay, English Language, GU.

The Essentials of Old English: Plus, 2nd edition 1997
The Essentials of Old English: Basics, 2nd edition 1996 A Guide to Older Scots, 1996
with Dr JJ Smith, English Language, GU.

A Guide to Piers Plowman, 1990, with D M O'Brien, English Literature, GU.