Work With Our Research - Industry Collaborations and Funding

There are many ways for companies to collaborate with us on research and development projects, and to access the knowledge, expertise, skills and technologies of the School.  Our academic staff collaborate with companies, applying their research expertise and innovative solutions to business challenges. Companies can invest in such research with us directly, or make use of grants and funding initiatives to support innovation and academic-industry collaborations. Further information on some grant opportunities and funding models are detailed below. 


Innovate UK

Innovate UK funds a wide range of grants and competitions to support business-led research and development. Many of these initiatives support companies to work in partnership with academic experts, or to subcontract R&D work to universities.  Funding calls are usually around specific themes although some grants are open at all times.


Industrially Funded Studentships and Centres for Doctoral Training

Some research challenges require the sustained and dedicated effort of an innovative mind.  Companies can co-fund and support 3-4 year PhD studentships to engage a student on a research topic, or suite of related projects it has defined and needs to develop its business. Students are co-supervised by the company and an experienced member of academic staff with relevant expertise. 

Part-funding may be available to support industrially-led studentships, particularly if the research topic falls within the topic area of one of our Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs).  CDTs are funded by UKRI and associated research councils.  They provide research training to 50+ research students around a common theme deemed to be of high importance to both science and the UK economy.  The School of Computing Science currently jointly leads the Social Artificial Intelligence CDT with the School of Psychology here at Glasgow.  Watch out for news of new CDTs and other opportunities for part-funding industrial studentships. 


Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) enable businesses to work with universities on a specific project, bringing knowledge and expertise from the academic realm into an organisation to help solve important technical or business problems, including developing and applying new technologies. A KTP Associate, a recently qualified graduate, will work within your business to manage the project, apply their own knowledge, and ensure that University expertise is available to your company. The business will also access the time and expertise of a relevant member of academic staff who will co-supervise the associate and contribute to the project.  UKRI contributes 50% - 75% of the project costs depending on the size and nature of the business.  For more information about KTPs visit


Innovation Centres

Funded by the Scottish Government, Innovation Centres can provide a range of support to businesses in line their theme and purpose, including funding for collaborations with academic institutions in Scotland.  The School of Computing Science has strong links with the Innovation Centres and works particularly closely with:

  • CENSIS on projects around the themes of IoT and full-stack sensing and imaging technologies, and
  • The Data Lab on collaborations within the domain of data science.


Innovation Vouchers

The Scottish Funding Council, in partnership with Interface - The Knowledge Connection for Business, provide up to £5,000 to fund an initial collaboration between companies and academic researchers.  The applying company is required to match this contribution in cash or in-kind.  For full details see,


Defence Science Technology Laboratory (DSTL)

Organisations developing technologies with potential defence or security applications may wish to collaborate with the School on DSTL-led funding calls and commercial opportunities. Current opportunities can be viewed via