Software Team Project

During their third year, Computer Science and Software Engineering students undertake a year long Team Project with real customers, exposing students to real requirements uncertainty. Flipped classroom teaching is adopted, giving teams one day each week to work on their project in a redesigned laboratory. Software process and quality are emphasised in the course assessment, imposing technical debt. A leadership course for senior students is incorporated, where they act as mentors to the project team students.

Customers are required to submit projects for students to bid their interest on and are then selected by the customer to begin work. Students and customers are then required to meet regularly to discuss requirements and report on progress.

Previous customers have spoken positively about the performance of the students overall, station that they were impressed by the knowledge, ability and work ethic of the students and felt that the students were better than some professional tech companies, particularly in their ability to ‘empathise’ with the customers’ requirements.

This is a free service.  If you would like to participant in this program, please contact