Supramolecular, Electronic & Magnetic Systems

Research within the Supramolecular, Electronic & Magnetic Systems Research Section is highly interdisciplinary with a strong focus on the nanoscale self-assembly of functional materials. These include molecule-based magnetic and electronic materials, nanomagnets, supramolecular materials, hydrogels, flexible devices and sensors, actinide-based materials, metal-organic frameworks, and DNA nanostructures.

Our research programmes involve extensive national and international collaborations with the US, Japan, India and throughout Europe. We have strong links and collaborations with the other groupings in the School of Chemistry, across WestCHEM, and throughout the University of Glasgow (Engineering; Physics; The College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences and The Glasgow Experimental MRI Centre) and make extensive use of large scale external facilities. Our research is supported by a range of funding organisations including: EPSRC; BBSRC; The European Research Council; The Royal Society; The Leverhulme Trust; The Royal Society of Edinburgh; The Carnegie Trust; COST; STFC; LKAS and Industry.