Mnova NMR software license in Chemistry

In summer 2021 Chemistry purchased a permanent site license (campus-wide) for the Mnova NMR package, including the qNMR and Reaction Monitoring modules. This is available to all staff and students, for PCs, Mac and Linux. It uses a 'floating' network license so can be installed on campus or personal computers.

Mnova is being made available in the campus cloud desktop PC services under 'COSE" and can be installed on request on campus PCs and user laptops. Our license only covers versions up until 14.3.0. Newer versions will not run.


To install for yourself, you should download version 14.3.0, not the newer ones, from and choose the appropriate installer for your computer. You will need administrator rights on your computer.

The three individual license files can be downloaded and installed as one zip file. This must be installed when you first run mnova. These can be found at:

This sharepoint link which will need your campus login and password.

Alternatively, try \\\pclib (use your chemistry login and password)

under install\mnova\licenses

To use the additional qNMR and Reaction Monitoring modules, you may need to check they are enabled in the plugins section of the software after installation.

Note that using the software off-campus, or on-campus using WiFi will require you to connect to the campus VPN to access the on-campus license server. Once the software has successfuly obtained a license, it should last for up to 90 days before it has to renew over the network. Thus it should continue to work for a few months offline, or without the VPN.

If you don't have install rights on your computer, or you have trouble installing Mnova, please let us know via the CoSE section of the helpdesk from UofG Helpdesk: Get answers and Support