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This undergraduate programme offers a unique opportunity to critically engage with a broad range of creative arts and industries. It draws on the expertise of staff from across the School of Culture and Creative Arts who specialize in film, television, music, theatre, art and design and digital media.

You will develop the industry awareness, collaborative skills and reflective practice needed to work in the cultural and creative industries.

Career prospects

The programme grounds critical thinking and theory in opportunities for hands-on, real-world engagement with the creative industries and links with cultural organisations.

Glasgow is the creative hub of Scotland, with opportunities to work with production companies, digital agencies, theatre companies, museums, galleries and cultural institutions.

The programme aims to produce graduates equipped with the skills and knowledge to work constructively, imaginatively and ethically in the cultural and creative sectors or in the cultural and creative wings of organisations in other sectors.


Around the world, the creative economy is on the ascent and is reshaping the way that culture is produced, distributed and consumed.

Traditional questions about how culture is made, by whom, under what conditions, and to whose benefit remain. However, they are being asked in ever-changing new circumstances with which this programme grapples.

Programme aims

This programme will equip you with the skills to navigate this new environment by providing:

  • A wide-ranging understanding of specific cultural forms and practices, the links between them and the ways they are changing.
  • An overview of policy, markets and industrial structure that enables you to see your particular passion in a wider social context.
  • A focus on the ethics and politics of cultural production. The cultural industries are one of many countries' fastest growing sectors, but they are marred by inequalities and exclusions. This programme will give you both an awareness of these issues and the skills to change them.
  • Practice-based and collaborative learning.
  • An international approach rooted in a local context.

Programme structure

Year 1

  • Introduction to Creative Practice
  • Introduction to Creative Industries

Year 2

  • Cultural Analysis and Creative Practice
  • Creative Labour

In years 1 and 2 you will also study other subjects, see Flexible degrees.

Years 3 and 4

  • Making Culture Happen
  • Media and Cultural Policy
  • Cultures of Revolution (optional)
  • Cultural Work Alternatives – Co-operation and Collaboration (optional)
  • A broad range of optional courses from across the School of Culture and the Creative Arts, shared with Film and Television Studies, Music, Theatre Studies and History of Art

You will also produce a dissertation on a research topic of your choice, as part of a collaborative placement, or as an independent creative project.

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