Scotland’s sustainable media future

On 9 June, just one day after the Advanced Research Centre’s (ARC) inauguration, the question of Scotland’s media future was revisited and debated in the University’s sparkling new building. With participants from the worlds of media regulation, government, broadcasting, the press, and innovative media ventures, along with academics from the humanities and the social sciences both north and south of the border, the meeting was intended to kick-start a moribund debate. With free-flowing discussion under the Chatham House Rule, the agenda moved from questions of organisation and policy to those of the role of sentiment and lack of trust in the changing media ecology. A cross-College venture, this initiative was right in line with the ARC’s aspirational agenda to break down barriers and envisage new futures. Alongside CCPR’s Philip Schlesinger in the organisational team, Dr Catherine Happer (Sociology) and Dr Ana Langer (Politics) were the other driving forces of this new collaboration.

First published: 10 June 2022