The scca.partnerships project facilitates innovative and enduring relationships with our diverse cultural, creative arts and community partners in the city of Glasgow and beyond. These collaborations enhance learning, teaching and student experience, through innovative courses and programmes, including masterclasses, work placements and internships.

Partnerships Team

Partnerships Team

  • Kathryn Willens, Partnerships Manager  
  • Sophie Minervini, Partnerships Administrator 

Partnerships Strategic Board

  • Prof Karen Lury (Chair) 
  • Dr Kirsten Adkins 
  • Prof Mark Banks 
  • Prof Minty Donald 
  • Dr Henry Ivry 
  • Pauline McLachlan 

Partnerships Showcase Working Group

  • Dr Kirsten Adkins 
  • Aine Allardyce 
  • Dr Michael Bachmann 
  • Dr Graham Eatough 
  • Prof Nick Fells 
  • Prof Ian Garwood 
  • Dr Iain Finlay-Walsh 
  • Prof Ian Garwood 
  • Dr Nikki Kane 
  • SCCA Student Rep (2023-24: Niamh McLaughlin) 

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