Dr Eline Huethorst

  • Research Associate (Cardiovascular & Metabolic Health)


Eline started her academic career in the Netherlands with an undergraduate in Life Sciences from the University of Groningen, where she gained interest in the field of Regenerative Medicine. She therefore decided to do a postgraduate in Regenerative Medicine at the University of Utrecht. Afterwards, she was awarded a 4-year PHD studentship by the British Heart Foundation and started working at the University of Glasgow to study how small, engineered heart tissues could integrate with the myocardium after implantation.

Eline is now a Research Associate at the University of Glasgow and part of the Glasgow Cardiac Research Centre. Eline is also part of the BHF Centre for Regenerative Medicine, which is a network of universities within the UK that all work together to tackle the big challenges within cardiac regeneration to be able to treat patients that have suffered a heart attack with new cell therapies in the future.


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