About Us

The Cancer Research UK RadNet Radiation Research Centre of Excellence, led by Professor Anthony Chalmerswas established in November 201to create a platform for innovative radiation research in Glasgow.

Our aim is to optimise radiotherapy to increase cure rates in patients with five cancers of unmet need: glioblastoma, head and neck, lung and mesothelioma, pancreas and rectum. Our key scientific themes are DNA damage response, cell death and resistance, metabolomics and invasion.

The CRUK RadNet Glasgow Centre complements existing cancer research infrastructure in Glasgow to accelerate translation of laboratory findings into clinical trials. 

We are working in partnership with the wider CRUK RadNet Centre network in the UK to fully realise our ambition of improving radiation treatments and research for patients. 

Aims of the Programme

CRUK RadNet Glasgow supports both scientists and clinicians to undertake radiation related research.

The tumour sites and scientific themes cut across four work packages: Discovery Science; Preclinical Models; Imaging and Biomarkers; Clinical Radiotherapy Research.

Our objectives promote development in key areas to ensure that our programme has long lasting and measurable effects on the radiation research landscape in Glasgow and across Scotland:

(1) Create a platform for radiation research in Glasgow;

(2) Build a translational research pipeline;

(3) Facilitate development and integration of innovative research;

(4) Train the radiation researchers of the future.



Key Resources and Infrastructure

We are growing our community of radiation researchers in Glasgow and increasing our links across Scotland and the RadNet UK network.

To support innovative research, we provide experienced researcher support for new collaborations, to run key theme focus groups or make external grant applications. We also provide access to preclinical and clinical radiation research equipment and technical expertise at subsidised cost.

Researchers in Glasgow are eligible to apply for internal development awards to fund higher risk research ideas and new local collaborations via pump priming projects and development of novel preclinical models for radiation related research. 

We are committed to prioritising and championing the career development of our early career radiation researchers.

In establishing a radiotherapy-experienced PPI group to review and input to applications and ongoing projects we are ensuring our research is consistent with patient priorities.

CRUK RadNet Network Activities

RadNet Glasgow collaborates with other RadNet Centres to run Working Groups and apply for funding for projects.

Our RadNet Glasgow members are part of the CRUK RadNet Working Groups as either representatives, co-leads or Chairperson.

The Working Groups are:
Radiotherapy-Drug Combinations 
Molecular Imaging and Radiotherapy
Emerging Radiotherapy Technologies
Radiotherapy Immunology
AI and Computational Modelling


We have championed some of our Early Career Researchers to become subgroup leaders or co-leads across all of the Working Groups and develop their own networks across the UK.


For further information please contact Programme Manager Anna Morris.