Dr Hisayuki Yoshimoto

  • Lecturer in Economics (Economics)


Dr Yoshimoto attended the University of Rochester for a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, graduating in 2005. He earned a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2012. He began his current work at the University of Glasgow Business School in Fall 2012.

Research interests

Yoshimoto is a member of the Microeconomics research cluster.

Areas of expertise:

  • Industrial Economics    
  • Industrial Organisation    
  • Applied Micro Economics  
  • Micro Economics  
  • Micro Econometrics

Dr Yoshimoto’s expertise is in the field of Industrial Organisation, focusing on empirical research with micro-economics and game theoretic viewpoints. His recent research area includes auction/procurement and oligopolistic industries markets. Specifically, he is investigating the role of governments in regulating industries. In addition, he is currently interested in how governments can effectively incentivise manufacturing industries to promote plant productivity growth through policymaking.


  • Economic and Social Science Research Council (ESRC) grant (size of £298,697) for the ‘Theoretical Foundations and Design of Persuasion Mechanisms', joint with Professor Andriy Zapechelnyuk (University of Glasgow, Principal Investigator) and Anton Kolotilin (University of New South Wales, Australia, overseas co-Investigator). Grant period: April 2017 - March 2020.
  • Departmental Scholarship (2006-2010), Department of Economics, UCLA, California, USA.
  • Research Assistantship (2008 Summer), Department of Economics, UCLA, California, USA.


Current PhD students

Yuexiang (James) Wu
Research Interest: Commodity prices, Forward/Future contract markets, Options Pricing, Aqua-culture market financial trades and derivatives
Co-supervisors: Professor Christian Ewald and Dr Minjoo Kim

Eva Kubincova
Research Interest: Forward/Future contract markets, Aqua-culture market financial trades and derivatives
Co-supervisor: Professor Christian Ewald

Jiangteng Zhou
Research Interest: Determinants of firm-level productivity growth
Co-supervisor: Dr Sai Ding

General supervision interests

As part of his empirical firm behaviour, market analysis, applied-micro, and applied game theory research, Dr. Yoshimoto encourages work with potential PhD students who are interested in, but absolutely not limited to, the following areas of research:

  • Plant/Firm-level productivity analyses;
  • Firm behaviour in consumer product markets;
  • Utilities and public transportation markets;
  • Banking and lending sector with micro-level data;
  • General product market topics that investigate market regulation policies;
  • General applied micro-economics topics that investigate government policies;
  • Future/Forward contract markets;
  • Electricity trades, markets, and industries;
  • Electricity auctions;
  • Government-issued treasury bond (bill/note/security) auctions;
  • Central bank open market operation auctions (e.g. repo/security-lending auctions);
  • Government/Central bank foreign currency auctions;
  • Government procurement and natural resource auctions;
  • General applied/empirical auction market analyses;

People who have interests in the above areas are encouraged to apply.


Postgraduate research

  • Industrial Organisation
  • Econometrics

Postgraduate taught

  • Intermediate Econometrics


  • Economics of Business
  • Statistics for Economists
  • Game Theory
  • Mathematical Economics

Additional information

Seminar Convenor of Practitioner Seminars

Role: Inviting and hosting high-ranking executives for providing an occupational seminar talks for students and promoting ties between the business school faculty members and real-world business/government societies

Personal Website: Hisayuki Yoshimoto 


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Yoshimoto, H. and Nakabayashi, J. (2019) Search and resale frictions in a two-sided online platform: A case of multi-use assets. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 162, pp. 85-105. (doi:10.1016/j.jebo.2019.04.013)

Research Reports or Papers

Yoshimoto, H. and Kumar, P. (2016) Do Crime-Prone Areas Attract Gambling Shops? A Case of London Boroughs. Working Paper. SSRN. (Unpublished)

Yoshimoto, H. and Nakabayashi, J. (2016) Lost in Transaction: Individual-Level Welfare Loss in Quickly-Circulating Durable Goods Markets with Planned Temporary Ownership. Working Paper. SSRN. (Unpublished)

Chernomaz, K. and Yoshimoto, H. (2014) Are Estimates of Asymmetric First-Price Auction Models Credible? Semi & Nonparametric Scrutinizations. Working Paper. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Yoshimoto, H. and Chernomaz, K. (2014) Are Estimates of Asymmetric First-Price Auctions Credible? Semi & Nonparametric Analyses: Online Appendix. Technical Report. Technical Online Appendix. (Unpublished)

Hayashi, T. and Yoshimoto, H. (2012) Risk- & Regret-Averse Bidders in Sealed-Bid Auctions. Working Paper. University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK. (Unpublished)

Yoshimoto, H. (2012) Reliability Examination in Horizontal-Merger Price Simulations: An Ex-Post Evaluation of the Gap between Predicted and Observed Prices in the 1998 Hyundai-Kia Merger. Working Paper. University of Glasgow. (Unpublished)

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