The Seizure Clinic is proud to present the first online secured veterinary seizure diary for remote diagnosis, management and decision-making.

vCreate supports with diagnosis, management and decision-making:

  • Owners securely share smartphone-recorded videos and associated metadata with the clinical team
  • Enables faster, more accurate diagnosis and management of epilepsy and other paroxysmal events
  • Provides training modules for performing good-quality videos to increase the diagnostic value of home-video recordings

Aids in describing and classifying veterinary seizure semiology:

  • Central electronic veterinary medical record and video database including long-term secure data storage in the cloud
  • Aims to improve and standardise descriptive terminology used for seizure semiology in veterinary medicine
  • Helps identify drug effectivity to a specific seizure type, genetic backgrounds, comorbidities and prognosis

How does it work?