Discussion Papers in Environmental and One Health Economics

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2023 Series

2023_01 (PDF) Systematic Nature Positive Markets. Alex Bush, Katherine Simpson and Nick Hanley. 

2023_02(PDF) Is Economic Growth Sustainable? Conflicting Signals from International Organisations
Eoin McLaughlin, Cristián Ducoing, and Nick Hanley

2022 Series

2022-01 (PDF) Auctions for biodiversity conservation: what works best? And would a biodiversity offset market work better? Nick Hanley, Simanti Banerjee and Katherine Simpson

2022-02 (PDF) Where are transboundary pollution reductions most valued? Evidence from a bilateral choice experiment on marine plastic reductions. Keila Meginnis, Tobias Börger, Nick Hanley, Robert Johnston, Tom Ndebele & Ghamz E Ali Siyal

2022-03 (PDF) Equity preferences and abatement cost-sharing in international environmental agreements. Tobias Börger, Nick Hanley, Robert Johnston, Keila Meginnis, Tom Ndebele, Ghamz E Ali Siyal, Frans de Vries.

2021 Series

2021-01 (PDF) Understanding decision-making and household health production in human and livestock systems within Sub-Saharan Africa: A review. Mary Nthambi, Tiziana Lembo, Nick Hanley.

2021-02 (PDF) The Lead-Crime Hypothesis: A Meta-AnalysisAnthony Higney, Nick Hanley and Mirko Moro

2021-03 (PDF) Neighbourhood blue space and mental health: A nationwide ecological study of antidepressant medication prescribed to older adults. Craig W. Mcdougall, Nick Hanley, Richard S. Quilliam, Phil J. Bartie, Tony Robertson, Michael Griffiths, David M. Oliver.

2021-04 (PDF) Coordination Incentives for Landscape-scale Environmental Management: A Systematic Review.  Chi Nguyen, Uwe Latacz-Lohmann, Nick Hanley, Steven Schilizzi, Sayed Iftekhar.

2021-05 (PDF) Using choice modelling to identify popular and affordable alternative interventions for schistosomiasis in Uganda. Keila Meginnis, Nick Hanley, Lazaaro Mujumbusi, Lucy Pickering and Poppy H.L. Lamberton.

2021-06 (PDF) Enhancing Spatial Coordination in Payment for Ecosystem Services Schemes with Non-Pecuniary Preferences. Laure Kuhfuss, Raphaële Préget, Sophie Thoyer, Frans P. de Vries and Nick Hanley.

2020 Series

2020 – 01 (PDF) Valuing inland blue space: A contingent valuation study of two large freshwater lakes. Craig W. McDougall, Nick Hanley, Richard S. Quilliam, Katherine Needham, and David M. Oliver.

2020 - 02 (PDF) Understanding the Performance of Biodiversity Offset 1 Markets: Evidence
2 from An Integrated Ecological – Economic Model. Katherine Needham, Martin Dallimer, Frans de Vries, Paul R Armsworth and Nick Hanley.

2020 – 03 (PDF) Spatial Coordination and Joint Bidding in Conservation Auctions. Simanti Banerjee, Timothy N. Cason, Frans P. de Vries and Nick Hanley

2020-04 (PDF) Farmers’ Preferences Towards Outcome-based Payments for Ecosystem Service Schemes. Katsuya Tanaka, Nick Hanley and Laure Kuhfuss.

2020-05-a (PDF) Incentivising Biodiversity Net Gain with an Offset Market. Katherine Needham, Martin Dallimer, Frans de Vries, Paul R Armsworth and Nick Hanley

2019 series

2019 - 01 (PDF) The economic benefits of invasive species management. Nick Hanley and Michaela Roberts.

2019 - 02 (PDF) Social norm nudging and preferences for household recycling. Mikołaj Czajkowski, Katarzyna Zagórska and Nick Hanley.

2019 – 03 (PDF) Linking urban air pollution with residents’ willingness to pay for greenspace: A choice experiment study in Beijing. Zhaoyang Liu, Nick Hanley, and Danny Campbell. 

2019-04 (PDF) Spatial Coordination and Joint Bidding in Conservation Auctions. Simanti Banerjee, Timothy N. Cason, Frans P. de Vries and Nick Hanley.

2019-05 (PDF) Increasing the cost-effectiveness of water quality improvements through pollution abatement target-setting at different spatial scales. Mikołaj Czajkowski et al.

2018 series

2018 - 01 (PDF 1.16 MB) The Economic Value of Biodiversity. Nick Hanley, Charles Perrings. DOI:10.1146/annurev-resource-100518-093946

2018 - 02 (PDF 1.06 MB) Valuing a managed realignment scheme: what are the drivers of public willingness to pay? Katherine Needham, Nick Hanley.

2018 - 03 (PDF 1.34 MB) What is the Causal Impact of Information and Knowledge in Stated Preference Studies? Katherine Needham, Mikolaj Czajkowski, Nick Hankey and Jacob LaRiviere.

2018-04 (PDF 1.04MB) Performance of agglomeration bonuses in conservation auctions: Lessons from a framed field experiment. Zhaoyang Liu, Jintao Xu, Xiaojun Yang, Qin Tu, Nick Hanley, and Andreas Kontoleon.

2018 - 05 (PDF 1.05MB) Determinants of public willingness to pay for invasive pest and pathogen control in UK forests. Oleg Sheremet, John R. Healey, Christopher P. Quine, Adam Kleczkowski and Nick Hanley.

2018 06 (PDF 0.46MB) Prior knowledge, familiarity and consequentiality in contingent valuation. Katherine Needham and Nick Hanley.