Disease Ecology & Veterinary Epidemiology

Research Overview 

Image of a wolfThe Disease Ecology and Veterinary Epidemiology Shared Interest Group (SIG) brings together researchers from across the University of Glasgow that are interested in the distribution and impacts of pathogens and parasites in host populations. Our diverse membership draws on expertise in epidemiology, veterinary medicine, conservation ecology, population biology and more. We use a myriad of experimental, theoretical, computational and observational approaches to identify key biotic and abiotic mechanisms of disease transmission across scales: from individuals to ecosystems. Our research covers pathogens (viruses, bacteria, protozoa) and parasites (helminths, nematodes) and ranges from fundamental to applied.

Please join us on alternate Thursdays for discussions of ideas, new research, and journal clubs. Current research topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Using next generation sequencing and epidemiological models to estimate cross-species transmission
  • Effective intervention deployment for elimination of rabies
  • Importance of host community composition and abundance in maintenance of pathogens
  • Legacy impacts of deforestation on zoonotic disease risk

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