Dog phone and the dawn of the doggoverse

Image of Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas and her retriever ZackHave you ever wondered what animal internet would look like? In this episode, Naturally Speaking’s Mohammad Saiful Islam Sajib and Taya Forde interview Dr. Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas, a Lecturer in the School of Computing Science, and an associate at IBAHCM. Here, they talk about Ilyena’s work on Animal Connected Interfaces and how technology can play an important role in animal welfare. Intriguing topics of discussion include the “Dog phone”, a system that allows her dog, Zack, to make video calls whenever he is playing with his favorite toy.


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An accelerometer inside Zack’s toy allows him to call Ilyena. Photo credit: Ilyena 2022










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Feature image: Original artwork courtesy of Eleanor Duncan, 2022© 

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Intro and outro music sampled from: “The Curtain Rises” and “Early Riser” Kevin MacLeod [CC BY 3.0]

First published: 7 April 2022

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