Healthy Working Lives Group

Healthy Working Lives Group

The Healthy Working Lives Group (HWLG) was established by Professor Ewan Macdonald in 1990 and is located within the Public Health Section of the University of Glasgow within the Institute of Health and Wellbeing. ‌

Portrait of Ewan

Our aims

The mission of the group is to improve the well-being of the working age population, optimise their functional capability and thereby reduce health inequalities through relevant and policy informing research.‌


To provide strong evidence based advocacy for Universal Access to occupational health and safety for all, to ensure that the ability to work, whether it be paid or voluntary, is regarded as a health and social outcome which improves inclusion and quality of life. This will be achieved through improving wellbeing; avoidance of both mental and physical work related illness and injury; effective vocational rehabilitation; and employability advice and support. 

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