Postgraduate Research Strategy

The University of Glasgow’s vision is to be a ‘world class, world-changing university’.  The University seeks to create an environment in which inspiring researchers create world-changing impact.

The articulated values of the University are that we aim to be:

Passionate – this speaks of a dedication to our students and our commitment to create an inspiring place of learning and discovery;

Professional – with focus on excellence, continuous improvement and providing the best possible student experience;

Progressive – creating an environment that is marked by equality of opportunity, research meeting the highest levels of integrity and ethical standards and a commitment to enhancement and collaboration in local, national and global contexts.

Our postgraduate students play a key role in both the student and research communities of the University. Supporting them are our Graduate Schools which attract the highest calibre of students by providing the frameworks of support and opportunity and the intellectually stimulating environment that enable our postgraduate researchers to contribute as global citizens and succeed in their chosen endeavours.

In order to achieve this, the Graduate Schools will:

  • stimulate challenging and vibrant research communities;
  • offer a wide range of training, mobility and personal and professional development opportunities that support students’ development as researchers and leaders in their fields as well as the achievement of their future goals;
  • provide opportunities for students to engage with the public about their research, work with our international network of partners and interact with researchers across disciplines to broaden their horizons;
  • ensure that students benefit from supervision, support and administration that meets the highest standards;
  • encourage and act on feedback from students;
  • seek out, develop and embed good practice into all their activities, measured against appropriate internal and external standards of quality.

In order to measure our success in delivering these objectives, Graduate Schools will seek to:

  • maintain a thesis submission rate above 75% within 4 years;
  • aim to achieve a satisfaction rate in the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey of 90% or more;
  • work towards a university-wide PGR to academic ratio of 1.9.