Services Offerred

Research Services

Provide sample analysis for clinical research studies both local and international, test development, protocol development and collaboration.

Specimen Processing

Provide specimen handling, collection, extraction, shipping and -80 storage.


Provide a wide range of diagnostic tests and specialist tests.  

Lab Space

Provide research laboratory space to professionals at a competitive price

Corporate wellness and occupational health services

Provide wellness checks to individuals and company employees


A sample of the laboratory equipment & capabilities :

Sysmex XN 1000

The XN-1000 instrument provides full flexibility of profiles in haematology testing. The instrument is able to analyze 100 samples/h and has built-in reflex functionality which allows streamlining the workflow and a significant increase in the walk-away time to attend quality management activities.

XN-1000 is able to:

38 Diagnostics parameters (whole blood) depending on the configuration 

50 Research parameters (whole blood) depending on the configuration

11 Diagnostic parameters (body fluid)

11 Research parameters (body fluid)

AU480 Chemistry Analyzer

AU480 analyzer has robust testing capabilities, efficient reagent and consumable use and convenient operational features. AU480 has a throughput of up to 400 per hr.

AU480 is able to:

Over 58 general Chemistry parameters

Over 28 therapeutic drug monitoring parameters

Over 18 drug of abuse test

Over 6 lipid profiles

Over 20 specialized test including HbA1c, Immunoglobulins, thyroxine and C complements

ELISpot Reader

The EliSpot is one of the most sensitive cellular immunoassays available, allowing the detection of functional cytokine producing T-cells even at the single cell level. The machine technology provides information regarding the clinical outcome in patients with various infections and other clinical questions. EliSpot is capable of advanced TH1/TH2 analysis (e.g. Interferon gamma vs. IL-2 and IL-10) and more detailed analysis of T cell subpopulations, as well as improved characterization of shifted immune response in various infectious diseases.


Sysmex XN 1000  AU Chemistry Analyser  Elispot Reader


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