RILA Affiliate Organisations

RILA Affiliate Organisations are groups of artists who do important artistic integration work that we endorse and support. We have worked and continue to work with them on a variety of projects. For more information on each individual organisation, please click on the links below.

Ignite Theatre

Ignite Theatre logo

Ignite Theatre works with children and young people aged 6-24 from diverse backgrounds who live primarily in the North and West of Glasgow. Our members come from across the globe; from Scotland to Somalia, and includes new members from Syria. Many of our members face multiple challenges, whether that is poverty, discrimination, being a young carer, or having additional needs.

Through free weekly workshops and innovative drama projects, Ignite Theatre offers its members a supported environment in which they can fulfill their creative potential, develop confidence, forge new friendships and build their life skills to give them a better chance of achieving their goals.

For more of a sense of what we are about, follow this link to BBC Arts to see a short film made about our Seniors group in 2018 as part of the BBC’s Theatre and Refugees season (curated by Vicky Featherstone).


CHIPAWO banner

CHIPAWO is an enduring humane organisation which benefits and empowers children and society for prosperity, unity and peace through participatory arts education in Zimbabwe, Africa and the world.

Arts Education for Development and Employment (AEDE) is CHIPAWO's founding and central activity. In addition to music, dance and drama, the syllabus includes provision for education and action relating to child  welfare, gender, HIV/AIDS and poverty reduction. The programme operates over 30 centres for pre-school and school-going children in Bindura, Chitungwiza, Domboshawa, Harare and Norton. Children at CHIPAWO centres elect their representatives to the Children's Council, which is in turn represented on the Board of Trustees.

Our Performances programme offers performances of music, dance and drama, specialising in specially commissioned works for the corporate sector, United Nations organisations, embassies and NGOs. Performances include those by children of all ages, youth and adults, by Girl Power, the Harare Junior Theatre and the Harare Youth Theatre, and the Youth Programme. The Wardrobe and Props section provides costumes and props for the needs of CHIPAWO performances and also for sale or rental.
Note: all paid performances involving children are subject to the following principle – no fees are paid to children. Fees are paid into the Trust for funding its activities and to which children in need in CHIPAWO can apply for assistance.

CHIPAWO has consistently made efforts to ensure access to children who, for one reason or another, are not able to access CHIPAWO. These include the Bursary Scheme and the Disadvantaged Rural Children project. According to the latter, CHIPAWO assists remote and disadvantaged schools and communities to develop their own arts education programme on the CHIPAWO model.

All graduates of CHIPAWO, who have left school, are eligible to apply for membership of the Youth Programme. The benefits include training,
academic courses, performances, workshops and festivals, employment creation and poverty alleviation, and life skills, gender, human rights,
leadership, HIV/AIDS workshops and/or courses. An important component of the Youth Programme which has made an impact, is the professional
youth theatre company, New Horizon. The programme is governed by the Youth Council, which is represented on the Board of Trustees.

The Media Unit is responsible for media production, training and services. CHIPAWO has established the CHIPAWO Media Centre produces children's television programmes and documentaries. Among its numerous programmes was 'Handspeak' (2005), a pioneering 13-episode television magazine programme for the deaf by the deaf on national television. This is shortly to be followed by a similar series in Sign Language entitled 'Action Power'. It currently produces the most popular children's television programme, 'Nde'pi Gen'a' (What's up, guys?).

The Traditional music and musical instrument unit trains, researches into and manufactures, repairs and maintains traditional musical instruments, such as marimba (wooden xylophone), mbira (thumb piano), hosho (shakers) and ngoma (drums) as well as obsolescent musical  instruments.

CHIPAWO's mission is to

  • To be a child-driven, child-centred, democratic model of arts education for development and employment
  • To foster an environment in which there is sharing, caring, constructive criticism and gender equality arts activities open to all children
  • To develop excellence, talent, originality, knowledge and enjoyment in the learning, creating and practice of the arts and culture of zimbabwe, the region, Africa and the world
  • To further the capacity, welfare, social status and human centrality of the child in zimbabwe and in the world
  • To empower and equip children with self-identity, self-belief and life skills for negotiating local and global challenges in the contemporary context
  • To exercise social responsibility and participate in and contribute to efforts to make a world fit for children
  • To engage in income-generating activities to complement the fundraising efforts of the trust

CHIPAWO was founded in 1989 with the following objectives:

  1. To ensure that our children know and appreciate our own culture - Zimbabwe, Southern Africa, Africa
  2. To ensure that through the arts our children learn, develop and grow up as balanced, harmonious, whole human beings who in turn help to make a balanced, harmonious , whole society
  3. To ensure that our children enrich and improve the performing arts of our country and in many cases find fulfilling employment in the arts and related fields
  4. To involve our children in a participatory, creative, learning process which is dynamic, gender sensitive and democratic and in which the child is at the centre and every child is precious - boy/girl, rich/poor, town/country, able/disabled

Since then, in the spirit of the principles and in pursuit of the objectives briefly delineated above, it has developed its infrastructure and activities.

For more information, please see

15 Morningside Rd, Mt Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe
Mobile phone: 263-772 968685/081/734 416 574
Tel: 086 2015361

Spray Peace

Young people creating an art work using cans of spray paint

Spray Peace is a young non-profit organisation based in Luxembourg and working across Europe. We create intercultural dialogue through art in all its forms. We use the arts as a universal language in an intercultural setting. Our aim is to promote peace and tolerance through art. We want to show positive examples of multicultural societies and create friendships across cultures.

We regularly organise art and music workshops for various audiences as well as other activities such as creative youth camps. We often work with other organisations, in order to broaden our scope and diversify our projects.

Spray Peace was founded in 2015 and has since been running projects and events in various cities such as Glasgow, Cologne, Sarajevo, Luxembourg and many others. It is run entirely by volunteers.

We invite you to find out more through the links below: