World Radio Day

Published: 23 February 2021

Be reminded of the power and resilience of radio in two special projects for Word Radio Day

Radio: witness and guardian of our world

Giulio Bajona of the University of Leeds went on a month-long journey through radio.  The UNESCO RILA team worked alongside him to remember how ‘revolutionary’ radio was, when it was first invented, and still is, in many ways. Rediscover its power and resilience through the piece written during his research at the UK National Commission for UNESCO.

The report is informed by not only academic articles, but also, and more importantly, the lived experience of several interviewees, who are all personally and professionally invested in the world of radio. The article explores the relationship between radio, orality and storytelling and, in doing so, it is faced with a paradox: that of describing the power of the spoken word through the written word. Several audio clips are embedded throughout the text, in order to exemplify the concepts being discussed, but also to demonstrate how irreplaceable our voice is.

Read the full article featuring the UNESCO RILA team on the UNESCO UKNC website.

Scotland Outdoors Podcast

Prof Alison Phipps is featured in the BBC Radio Scotland Podcast discussing "The Importance of Connecting to the Land for Refugees" - A conversation between Alison, Mark and Euan.

Listen to the podcast at the BBC Radio Scotland website.


First published: 23 February 2021