19-03-13 International symposium at IUG

Published: 18 March 2019

19/03/19: Our collaborators IUG & the Arabic Centre hosted ‘Opportunities and Challenges of Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language’

On the 13th of March, IUG and the Arabic Centre hosted an international symposium on ‘Opportunities and Challenges of Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language’.

Participants included our colleagues at the Arabic Centre, staff and students from IUG, our research team at the University of Glasgow and two keynote speakers: Dr. Hasan Kordi from the Islamic University of the Maldives, and Mr. Murshed David from South Africa.

The symposium allowed us to exchange knowledge and good practices about teaching Arabic online and about the presence of Arabic within different education systems and in different countries. The symposium’s participants hailed from Palestine, the Republic of the Maldives and South Africa and as we looked on from Scotland it was a case of one monitor, four countries!

The UK team illustrated the 2017 British Council report "Languages for the Future". The report used a series of indicators to research which modern foreign languages the UK needs for future prosperity and to become a truly global nation. And guess what? Arabic is among the five top languages!

You can read more about the event on the Palestinian-Arabic Blog and about the parent Online Arabic from Palestine project using the links in the side bar. 

First published: 18 March 2019