UNESCO RILA Refugee Cycle 2019

Because of last year's hugely successful rides, we have turned this event into an annual happening. We teamed up with project partners Sustrans and Bike For Good again, to deliver a new series of guided bicycle rides. The circular route took participants from the Bike for Good headquarters on Haugh Road, past various stops along the National Cycle Network (see partners below). 

The event sought to bring refugees, migrants and local communities together for a moment of inter-action. Participants cycled a pre-determined route in small groups, accompanied by experienced ride leaders who led ride participants to various check points, where they met with artists and academics for a short 10-minute artistic or educational session. The actual parcour was the same as last year, but this will be changed in 2020.

Each stop had a theme and together the themes formed a story.  Participants obtained a stamp in their "passports" at each checkpoint (2018 Refugee Cycle Passport). 

Please watch the video below for an impression of the event.

Camera by Stuart Edwards
Editing by Paul Maguire
Music by Farzane Zamen and AYAWARA

Refugee Cycle partners, artists and presenters:

For more information on the event, please contact us