RILA and COP26 Glasgow UNESCO RILA and COP26 Glasgow Nov 2021

Fàilte gu Glaschu!

Research has shown that when resources are scarce it is the most vulnerable people and most marginalised people who will suffer first. In conflict over resources – land and water – it’s very hard to draw a causal line between forced migration and climate chaos, but what we do know from past environmental degradation is that it has produced forced displacement.  

During COP26 in Glasgow, supported the work of the University of Glasgow and The Climate Fringe in particular the work of hospitality and hosting those at threat of being rendered homeless and landless through conflicts associated with climate chaos.

There is a long Scots tradition of hospitality and fostership. In the face of the acute accommodation needs for COP26 our friends at The Climate Fringe set up the Human Hotel, based on the model pioneered by Rooms for Refugees. This is where the good people of Glasgow offered up a spare room to those coming from indigenous, activists and NGO groups to take part in the fringe meetings.

While members of our team were involved across several COP26 fringe events, we did not organise any directly ourselves.  

Our twitter feed has some content related to the activities noted below and you can follow The Climate Fringe for more action.

A summary of some of the events we were involved in: 

Hope in the making
Hope Against Hope – Vodcasts for COP26
Featuring Alison Phipps, Hannah Rose Thomas and Hyab Yohannes
1 November - 7pm 

Girls@COP26 - Migration/ Climate refugees - A Women's Place
Featuring Alison Phipps - 2 November 

Climate Change and the Survival of Being - a sharing and reflection
Chaired by Alison Phipps - 3 November - 7pm

Together for our Planet
Live and streamed concert featuring Tawona Sitholé - 3 November - 7.30pm

Little Amal at COP26 - We Are Mighty
Amal met with over a hundred school children to walk down by the Clyde on her journey towards COP26, marking the culmination of artist residencies - featuring Tawona Sitholé. 
10 November - streamed on Facebook Live from 11.30am

Final Climate Fringe Ceilidh
Featuring Gameli and Naa Densua Tordzro - 12 November - 7pm  

Our Affiliate Artists at COP26

Paria Goodarzi and Francisco Llinas-Casas lead the Feel Field: Sound and vision walks at the Climate Portal - 12-20 November

If you want inspiration

Karine Polwart wrote this amazing song as part of the prelude to COP26

UNESCO RILA Artist in residence and Director of Ha Orchestra, Dr Gameli Tordzro, was commissioned by Oi Musica as part of their ‘Let It Grow’ project to respond with his own version. He has created ‘Enyo Lo Eglo’ in Collaboration with Ghana Central Police Band led by C/Supt Dr Frank Hukporti.

This will be available on the Ha Orchestra Website and Oi Musica website alongside 5 other versions from across the world . 

The Ferret compiled “26 Voices: Visions from across Scotland on our climate future” featuring Prof Alison Phipps, UNESCO Chairholder. She is one of hundreds of people across Scotland who are thinking through and working on innovative and inspiring ideas to tackle our climate emergency. In this piece they outline their vision for how Scotland could create a more sustainable and hopeful future.

Let us work together for the sake of our planet and those who will live on her after us.  

2021 Past Events Summary

See our Eventbrite page for full information on each of our past events, or click links in the table below.



28 - 30 September 

Unsettled objects: post-colonial perceptions of belonging, exile and home

Virtual global forum

15 Sept 2pm

UNESCO RILA Sofa Café #6: Women in conflict transformation

In association with CUSP N+ (postponed from Feb)

3 Sept 5.30pm 

Vigil for Afghanistan and Afghans seeking Peace and Safety 

Chapel vigil with livestream

26 August

RSE Curious: Reforming the UK’s asylum system

Speaker: Professor Michael Keating FRSE; Professor Christina Boswell FRSE; Dylan Fotoohi; Professor Alison Phipps OBE FRSE; Professor Jo Shaw QC FRSE

Curious 2021 programme

22 June 12 - 1.30pm  UNESCO RILA Sofa Café #8: Gender and Integration
17 June 5pm  Refugee Festival Scotland 2021 
No Words. Closing observance of the Exhibition: Tears of Gold - Stories of Women Displaced From Home 
17 June 3pm PGR Series Decolonising forced migration Seminar 5: A Freirian View of Online Education
17 June 2 - 3.30pm  Refugee Festival Scotland 2021
Listening, watching, doing: Reflections on researching refugee integration
NSRIDP event - register here
15 June 4pm  Refugee Festival Scotland 2021 
Colouring outside the lines – virtual art exhibition guided tour for Refugee Festival Scotland 2021 
11 - 17 June    Refugee Festival Scotland 2021 
Exhibition: Tears of Gold - Stories of Women Displaced From Home
14 June 12 noon  Refugee Festival Scotland 2021 
The Anti-Dawn Raid Chorus
CUSP Event - register here 
11 June 6pm 

Refugee Festival Scotland 2021 
Exhibition launch: Tears of Gold - Stories of Women Displaced From Home

17 - 28 May

Spring School 2021 - The Arts of Integrating Mayday 

27 May 

UNESCO RILA Sofa Café #7": Displaced Mothers 

29 April

PGR-led Series "Decolonising Forced Migration" Seminar 4: Asylum after Empire

23 April

Colouring Outside the Lines - Virtual exhibition launch

23 March

UNESCO RILA Sofa Café #4: The role of hospitality in community building (postponed from 21 Jan)

9 March

PGR-led Series "Decolonising Forced Migration" Seminar 3: The Afrocentric Paradigm & Culture and humanity 
Watch event recording online at the Decolonising Forced Migration YouTube channel 

8 March

Culture for Sustainable and Inclusive Peace Network Plus (CUSP) Launch event 

3 March

Migration and Refugee Education. Part of the School of Education Webinar Series celebrating social justice research in Education 

24 February

UNESCO RILA Sofa Café #5: Health and hospitality 

26 January

PGR-led Series "Decolonising Forced Migration" Seminar 2: Finding Ways through Eurospace
Watch event recording online at the Decolonising Forced Migration YouTube channel