Ecopedagogy for Beginners: Putting Climate Change Education into Action

Ecopedagogy for Beginners: Putting Climate Change Education into Action

Understand ecopedagogy with the University of Glasgow
Ecopedagogy aims to raise ecological consciousness and create momentum for climate action. This practice is hugely important in education to ensure students are actively involved in the fight against the climate crisis.

This four-week course from the University of Glasgow follows the Introduction to Teaching Sustainability and Climate Action course to help you implement ecopedagogy in educational settings.

You’ll discover practical approaches and useful activities to help you engage with students and encourage them to take climate action. Crucially, you’ll gain the tools to measure the impact of your educational practices to ensure they are working.

Gain skills in climate change education
As you learn more about ecopedagogy practices, you’ll discover why it is an effective route for climate action.

Next, you’ll explore techniques you can implement in the classroom to ensure your climate education is interesting and effective.

Learn how to create sustainable schools
Throughout the course, you’ll discover practical actions to create more sustainable schools. Within this, you’ll recognise and learn how to respond to the issue of climate anxiety.

You’ll also learn how to utilise and embed social justice into schools as you understand the importance of climate justice and the decolonisation of the curriculum.

Understand how to track the outcomes of ecopedagogy to take climate action
Finally, you’ll gain the skills to be able to trace the outcomes of your ecopedagogy. With this knowledge, you’ll ensure your teachings are having a positive impact.

Guided by Dr Ria Dunkley from the University of Glasgow, an expert in climate change education, you’ll finish the course with the knowledge and skills to implement sustainability and climate action in schools.

Learning on this course
On every step of the course you can meet other learners, share your ideas and join in with active discussions in the comments.

What will you achieve?
By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

  • Demonstrate an understanding of ecopedagogy as the art of learning and teaching in times of climate and ecological crises
  • Assess critical pedagogy as the basis of ecopedagogy to understand the rootedness of the concepts in consideration of equity
  • Demonstrate an understanding of practical actions that can be taken in the classroom and in schools to enact ecopedagogy
  • Explore ways of tracking the outcomes of ecopedagogic practice in classrooms and schools

Who is the course for?
This course is designed for those who have already completed the Introduction to Teaching Sustainability and Climate Action course and want to further their knowledge.

Who will you learn with?
Dr Ria Dunkley
Ben Murphy