Postgraduate Research Opportunities

Postgraduate Research Opportunities

PhD research projects available at SUERC are listed below.  A variety of routes are available for funding PhD research.

To discuss the projects and funding opportunities please contact the lead supervisor.

  • Scottish upland expansion in the Bronze Age: new insights from robust chronological modelling.
    Supervisors: Derek Hamilton, Prof. Gordon Cook & tbc (Historic Environment Scotland)
    Upland Expansion project description
  • A (Pre)History of Westray and Papa Westray: from the Mesolithic/Neolithic transition to Norse annexation.
    Supervisors: Derek Hamilton, Prof. Gordon Cook & tbc (Historic Environment Scotland)
    (Pre)History of Westray project description
  • Developments of technologies and techniques for in situ rover-based 40Ar/39Ar dating of Mars.
    Supervisors: Darren Mark, Prof. Martin Lee (University of Glasgow), Sanjeev Gupta (Imperial College) & Thermo Scientific (Bremen, Germany)
    Rover-based 40Ar/39Ar project description
  • Decoding the molecular interactions between the gut microbiome and the immune system in autoimmune disease.
    Supervisors: Douglas Morrison, Simon Milling (University of Glasgow), Umer Ijaz (University of Glasgow) & Kostas Gerasimidis (University of Glasgow)
    Gut Microbiome project description
  • Determining the production rate of cosmogenic 3He and 36Cl using basalt lavas from the Azores and Canaries.
    Supervisors: Prof. Fin Stuart & Vittorio (University of Azores)
    Azores and Canaries project description

  • The Columbia River basalts: Volatile fluxes during flood basalt emplacement.
    Supervisors: Dan Barfod, Darren Mark & Kate Saunders (University of Edinburgh)
    Columbia River project description
  • Freshwaters degas CO2 to the atmosphere: why, how much, when and where? 
    Supervisors: Jason Newton, Susan Waldron (University of Glasgow) & Trevor Hoey (University of Glasgow)
    Freshwaters project description

Further Information

Postgraduate research at SUERC is usually administered by the University of Glasgow College of Science & Engineering graduate school.

Research students attend a series of training courses organised both by SUERC and the College, and training in field and laboratory techniques specific to each research project is provided by SUERC researchers.

For further information about undertaking research degrees at SUERC please contact Dr. Derek Fabel (email).