Postgraduate Research Opportunities

PhD research projects available at SUERC are listed below.  A variety of routes are available for funding PhD research.

To discuss the projects and funding opportunities please contact the lead supervisor.


  • EASTBIO BBSRC DTP: Is mob grazing beneficial for soil health and the environment?
    Supervisors: Joanna Cloy (SRUC), Liz Baggs (University of Edinburgh), Gillian MacKinnon and Sarah Buckingham (SRUC)
    Mob grazing project description
  • E4 DTP: Field testing of numerical models of landscape evolution using the fluvial archive: case study in the Rio Bergantes, Spain.
    Supervisors: Mikael Attal (University of Edinburgh), Simon Mudd (University of Edinburgh), Philippa Ascough, Richard Staff
    Numerical models of landscape evolution project description
  • IAPETUS2 DTP: Ecology and conservation of pangolin using stable isotope forensics
    Supervisors: Jason Newton, Luc Bussière and Katherine Abernethy (University of Stirling), David Lehmann (ANPN, Gabon)
  • IAPETUS2 DTP: Age, origin, and dynamics of carbon in the central Congo peatlands: radiocarbon dating plant leaf waxes to build a novel 10,000 year record of change
    Supervisors: Dr Pauline Gulliver, Dr Ian Lawson (University of St Andrews), Prof. Jaime Toney (University of Glasgow), Dr Malu Cisneros-Dozal
    Congo peatlands project description

Further Information

Postgraduate research at SUERC is usually administered by the University of Glasgow College of Science & Engineering graduate school.

Research students attend a series of training courses organised both by SUERC and the College, and training in field and laboratory techniques specific to each research project is provided by SUERC researchers.

For further information about undertaking research degrees at SUERC please contact Dr. Derek Fabel (email).