2022 International Research Conference on Suigetsu Varves

SUERC researchers Charlie Rex and Richard Staff contributed to the 2022 International Research Conference on Suigetsu Varves, held jointly with researchers from Ritsumeikan University (Japan), the Fukui Prefectural Varve Museum, and the University of Adelaide (Australia).

Image of two people on a boat on Lake Suigetsu, Japan


The focus of the conference was on understanding of the isotopic signals of precipitation, river water, and lake water within the Lake Suigetsu catchment in central Japan. In turn, this understanding will facilitate interpretation of the palaeo- (i.e., past-) record from the varved (annually layered) sediments underlying Lake Suigetsu, leading to better understanding of the behaviour of the East Asian Monsoon in relation to broader climatic change.


For further information, see the project website at www.suigetsu.org or recent SUERC newsletter items at https://sway.office.com/xQ4WFGHVf0zWoElS.


First published: 23 February 2022

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