SUERC EDI Committee Terms of Reference

SUERC’s ambition is to embed the principles of Athena SWAN into current working practices across the centre at all levels, and in future strategic planning. This is to benefit all SUERC staff, regardless of gender, career stage, job family, and personal circumstances, by fostering an inclusive, progressive, and welcoming environment in which to work and study. To support this, the SUERC Equality and Diversity Committee will:

  • Promote the mainstreaming of gender equality issues and awareness within SUERC
  • Identify best practice and ensure this is shared and implemented across SUERC for the benefit of all staff and students
  • Provide a forum to identify, discuss, advise on and take forward all aspects of policy/practice development and implementation regarding equality, diversity, and SUERC Athena SWAN actions
  • Oversee and implement collection of metrics required by the SUERC Athena SWAN action plan to prepare for renewal or new applications
  • Oversee and guide the implementation of the SUERC Athena SWAN action plan requirements
  • Explore and share data at a Centre-wide and management level to enable and evidence change over time
  • Liaise with and advise SUERC management as relevant e.g. to make recommendations or seek resources etc.
  • Stimulate discussion, innovation, culture change and ambition to enable SUERC to benefit from the opportunities Athena SWAN seeks to enable for students, staff and visitors
  • Liaise with colleagues across University of Glasgow and the wider UK Higher Education community regarding equality and diversity issues, to support and facilitate implementation, cross-fertilise ideas and seek co-delivery of actions where beneficial
  • Keep up to date with new developments in the field of Equality and Diversity, including current literature and policy from Universities, government, etc.
  • Jointly prepare future Athena Swan renewal and award applications and action plans prior to submission, including liaising with University of Glasgow Gender Equality officers and administration as necessary
  • Meet on a regular basis, at a minimum 4 times per year, and correspond as necessary to execute the business of the SUERC E&D committee.
  • Conduct formal committee meetings only when quorate (4 members minimum). Note sub-group meetings (i.e. separate to a meeting of the full committee) are not restricted in this way.

    Here is our SUERC Athena SWAN Bronze Award submission