Analysis Costs

New price list applies from 1st August 2023

Our analysis costs include:

  • standard sample pretreatment (collagen preparation, cremated bone preparation, cellulose extraction, etc.)
  • correction for isotopic fractionation (δ13C measurement)
  • calibration of conventional 14C ages to the calendar time-scale

All bone and tooth samples submitted for radiocarbon dating also undergo stable δ15N, δ13C and δ34S analysis.
These values can be used to provide further information about the diet, social status, movement and mobility of past populations.

To reflect the changing cost of consumables and the additional analytical costs associated with ancillary isotopes for bone collagen, it has been necessary to review our prices.
Samples received from 1st August 2023 will be charged as below:

Radiocarbon Pricing
  Samples in Batch
<10 10-39 40+
Standard Service
(approx. 18-20 working weeks) *
14C AMS, Bone Collagen Analysis £345 £340 £335
14C AMS, other sample types £325 £315 £305
Faster Turnaround
(approx. 6-8 working weeks) *
14C AMS, Bone Collagen Analysis POA
14C AMS, other sample types POA
High Precision POA
Failed Samples No Charge
Prices shown per sample excluding VAT, current as of 19th February 2024.
* Turnaround times are estimated and are subject to change.

Standalone Stable Isotope Measurement

We can also provide δ13C, δ15N and δ34S (without 14C).

Stable Isotope Pricing
NCS analysis £30 £55
Prices shown per sample excluding VAT, current as of 19th January 2024.

For standalone NCS stable isotope analysis or queries regarding research collaborations, please contact Kerry Sayle.

Additional Isotopes

We also offer δ18O and 87Sr/86Sr analyses.

Prices are available on enquiry.

For more information, a written quotation, or to discuss particular project requirements, please contact the laboratory.