Pancake Tuesday 2020

Pancake Tuesday was celebrated in great style this year with two events involving over 60 students and staff.

The annual MEduc3 class trip to Pauline Books and Media and St Andrew's Cathedral showcased two excellent resources for RE teaching. Students were able to visit the shop and were introduced to the Good Shepherd resource, which will be especially helpful to them if they will be preparing pupils for First Reconciliation in future years.  At the Cathedral they were given information and tasks which allowed them to ‘read’ the church’s images and symbols, and to learn about the history of Glasgow’s Catholic Cathedral.

Later in the morning there was a pancake reception for staff and students in the common room of the St Andrew’s Building, with fresh pancakes and a variety of delicious toppings.  The event included a panel representing the vocations of Catholic teaching, marriage and parenthood, religious life and Holy Orders, to tie in with this year’s MEduc2 Catholic Teacher Formation class focus on the sacraments. The event also raised £51 for the student pilgrimages fund.