PhD Students

SunHa Ahn
Research: Personalised Digital Use and Online Relationships as a Therapeutic Source for Anti-Stigma (Social Identity Development) among African Young People Living with HIV

Wilko Mattia Artale
Research: Inequalities in the fourth industrial revolution; negotiating the introduction of innovative work practices

Gabrielle Cohen
Research: Pieces of Heart: Video Games, Affect and The Digital Fantastic

Aulia Hadi
Research: Football as Citizen Media? A Communication Perspective on the Variation of Digital Urban Football Fandom in the Post-New Order Indonesia

Aline Iramina
Research: Copyright governance by algorithm: Towards a more transparent regime

Maximilian Kriz
Research: The Future of Welfare in the Post-Work Smart City

Lucille Tetley-Brown
Research: Data Culture in Scottish Local Government: Staff Perspectives of Data Use for Digital Transformation

Amy Thomas
Research: Who is a Copyright User? A sociological perspective

Sacha van Leeuwen
Research: Achieving Legitimacy in a New Media Ecology: How cyber commemorations of fallen British soldiers influence public support/opposition for warfare